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Where does the training take place?

Most of my clients are directly from Florence or the surrounding areas. We can jog together through the city parks and work out together in your home. There is no need for expensive equipment! Just contact me. I am sure we will find a solution!

Am I a professional trainer?

Yes! I have certifications in Fitness Training and I have a certificate in Performance Nutrition. I am also CPR certified and have been a personal trainer for eleven years.

Why should I spend money on a personal trainer?

My main purpose is to motivate you and develop a customized training program that corresponds to your requirements, problems and goals. In addition, I am also your advisor. I can detect when your posture is not quite right or when you are putting too much pressure on the wrong muscles. I can recommend running shoes or the right exercise to do to fix the problem.

How often should I train with you?

That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Usually, I train with my clients twice a week.

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